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Welcome to Hines Brines!

I have always wanted my own company. I talked about it and thought about it and today my vision became my reality. My hope is that you will enjoy my selection of spices and welcome them into your home.

My original brine blend came about when my parents came to Chicago and spent Thanksgiving with me in my little two-bedroom apartment in Rogers Park, Illinois.

I was reading online about people brining their turkeys, because it made them juicy and flavorful. After reading different recipes, I went on a search for a Thanksgiving brine mix that I thought my family would like. After searching for the perfect brine blend, I decided to make my own. During that time, I never thought I would have the time, energy or finances to build my own brand.

As a new business owner, I am excited to share my passion for cooking and spices with you and your families. Check back for blog updates and family recipes that I will be sharing with you. We will also have special blog posts from friends, family and other business owners who love to share insights and inspire you.

Spice is Life,


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